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What is Forex trading?



The term forex is derived from the foreign exchange market which is a global market for the trading of currencies eg., the US Dollar, Japanese Yen etc. This includes all aspects of buying, selling and exchanging currencies at current prices on the markets. The price represents the sum total of all the market action undertaken by buyers and sellers of currencies. It is considered the largest market in the world by volume with average of $5.3 trillion being traded per day.



The positive values of the forex market are:


•  the huge trading volume representing the largest asset class in the world leading to
      high liquidity.
•  the geographical dispersion - meaning trading takes place all over the world
      via many markets.
•  the continuous operation: 24 hours a day from except for weekends.



Forex signal


A forex signal is our advice for entering a trade on a currency pair (eg. EURUSD), usually at a specific price and time, with a stop loss (SL) and a take profit (TP) position. The signal is generated by our well experienced analysts. The signals will be delivered to our customers by our website, or alerts, or the software copier application.



Our short-term signals:


Our short signals are the trades done on daily forex market move basis, as the take profit (TP) in these trades is within a range of 50 to 70 pips with a very limited stop loss (SL) position.


Our long-term signals:


Our long-term signals is based on following the trend of price (either up or down).  Our targets will be more than 100 pips as the trade may take many days to achieve the desired results but once achieved, it will make a profit of not less than 70 to 100 pips.


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