About Us

We are a group of experienced individuals that gathered under the Technical Analysis methodology at trading, that was extracted from 16 years of trading in financial markets. We do not count on Fundamental Analysis. Why? Because it is simply a waste of time to spend hours, days and months following stock prices on the news and reading reports and company accounts.

There are even times when you find yourself developing theories about the market then be surprised that it only worked for one time and that’s it! Even economists that have huge and long experience in Forex trading couldn’t agree on a solid theory that guarantees the targeted increase.
We track Trending channels and the market trends in our own way.

There are big players in the market, their job is making traders lose big time, and getting themselves to succeed

Beside rumors that reputable financial institutions release to minimize the number of traders, there are two main reasons why traders have to cope with high losses;
1.    Lacking experience, this results in choosing the wrong positions.
2.    Careless Brokers managing your Forex account instead of you.

Let us do the Forex trend chasing for you, everyday for free! Our daily Forex Technical Analysis proved its significance at succeeding and avoiding loss through the Forex advices.

Go ahead and take a look at our performance sheet where you can see our method’s results.

Many questions must be running in your head right now, see our list of frequently asked questions about trading Forex
Forex Brokers’ mentality isn’t included in TargetForexSignals.com, why? Well, you sometimes feel like you need assistance to make the right decisions in trading forex, we agree.

But the problem is that these brokers know the “ways” in business and could trade against you! Few of Forex Brokers also limit prices avoiding you from achieving the goals you’re targeting. So in terms of protection, you are not doing yourself a favor by depositing your trading capital to a Forex Broker, keep your eye on your capital and control it!

So instead of going through the head ache of not trusting a broker or following fundamental analysis, our experts united their forces to provide you with Forex signals that aren’t only well studied, but free as well. Get the winning signals in Forex market by signing up
Or follow our tips to keep stress in Forex Trading out of your basket!