Dream Competition

Trading in currency markets

Share with us the dream competition to win ten cash prizes worth $ 11 thousand with a certified
international company

The first prize is 5000 dollars

The second prize is $ 1500

The third prize is $ 1000

From the fourth prize to the tenth prize of $ 500 per center

As an authorized agent of EQUITI GROUP

We announce the launch of the Dream Contest

Terms of the contest

The competition starts at the completion of 100 real accounts at a minimum deposit starting from $
500 up to $ 5000
The contest duration is 30 days from the start of the competition
Contestants may deposit additional funds during the competition to support their strategies
To win the competition each trader must achieve the highest actual profit rate in the account and
the work of 5 Lot Standard
In the case of more than one competitor in the percentages, we calculate the contestant who had
the lowest withdrawal rate from the top to the bottom ((Lowest drawdown
The winner will be announced one day after the contest

All trades should be on the major currencies, crossovers and gold

All trading methods allowed

The positions of the centres will be announced at the end of each week by the door of transparency

All participants must open their accounts from this link