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  1. Signal Package [1 Month]   $100.00  
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  3. Direct Signal Copy [1 Year]  $5000.00  


[ Golden Package ] - Managed Accounts

Global percent 95% of traders lose money in forex market, why they loss: because they did not have experience to trade.

If you want to get money from forex market then you can get money via a managed forex account.

What sets us apart in managed forex account.
Trading is subject to many of the strict rules as risk management, Distribution of risk, trading long-term signals and short-term signals, quality of signals our main aim.
Our team target between 7 to 10% per month in account growth for our forex managed accounts with c controlled risk
Our fee pays cash in advance 3k Euro per month.
We providing our clients with full support 24/5 also chart analysis, favor currency support.

This service cost $3000 pay cash in advanced 


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