Our core objective is to help the biggest population of traders to succeed How? It’s the system we created to deliver recommendations on when and what to buy and sell that will help you achieve your goals.
As for our goal it is basically getting you over 100 pips per order

Well, our previous history of trading shows our experience and determination to capture winning signals on daily basis. We track Forex channels and the market trends in our own way.

We provide a unique service giving mostly safe signals and highest possible income. Our unique system was developed based on our experience in the previous years that helps us confirm our determination in shooting out a buy or sell advice.
Our system is based on technical analysis, making a great use of different theories in currencies. Which is going to be introduced in limited details below, beside Forex theories we chase trends through trend lines indicators that cover:

Time Scale: The larger time scales are, the more important a trend-line becomes.
Length: Reliability increases with trendlines. Because short term behaviors of masses cause short period trendlines, the opposite is valid as well where long term behaviors of masses cause long period trendlines.

Slope Angle: Audience emotions are reflected when a trend-line and a horizontal line meet in an angle. When the trend is flat it means that it is about to develop for a longer time. When it’s abrupt it reflects rigid audience.

Volume of Transactions: reflecting the seriousness of players, the transactions increase in volume confirms a trend is proceeding.

So what technical analysis methods are included in our technical strategy?

1.    ELLIOTT WAVES: This theory based approach is resultant and well known in systematic trading. As prices move in “waves” it indicates where the price is heading, Elliott waves help in predicting if a price is increasing or decreasing. This is only one of the factors we employ in our system to get the Forex signals. In the Forex free signals we organized for you. This theory was published in 1938 by Ralph Elliot in a study titled “The Wave Principle”; he correlated the market behavior with Psychology of the masses. Producing trend lines (a line between two points (maximum and minimum), Trendlines takes these 2 different shapes:
1.    Bull Market: As you rarely see a bull drawing back in Spanish bull fighting; this also applies in trend lines, Bull market is when minimum prices sequentially increase or uptrend. The pace here is set while prices pushup.
2.    Bear Market: Sometimes you see maximum prices on chart sequentially drop or downtrend, they simply push prices down.
3.    Sideways Trend: Where prices are stable, nor increasing neither decreasing.
Elliott waves also include 2 prices moves:
1.    Active moves in market and created trends caused by impulses
2.    Moving against the trend when rollbacks or corrections take place

2.   FIBICCIANO RETRACEMENTS: When it comes to Fibonacci sequences you find ratios that define Fibonacci retracements forecasting rollbacks and applying after declines of forecasting the length of a counter trend bounce. We comprised the Fibonacci sequence theory in our technical analysis system to enhance the accuracy of the Forex signals we serve. It is worth mentioning that Elliott Waves have a mathematical base provided my Fibonacci numbers, these numbers play key role in complete market cycle.
3.      TECHNICAL TREND CHANNEL: This is the space between the original trend     (Successive top of a trend) and the new return line (returns toward the trendline) on trends charts, creating two zones: an upper one called Sell Zone; a lower one called Buy Zone indicating when a Forex trader is advised to buy and sell. This is another theory that we use to extract our free Forex signals.